- The Washington Times - Monday, April 29, 2013

A Missouri state senator tried tacking on an amendment to an education bill that would have prohibited residents who are older than 8 from wearing suits made of seersucker.

“Any person living in this state aged eight and under may wear seersucker suits at their leisure,” state Sen. Ryan McKenna, a Democrat, wrote of his amendment, as cited in an Esquire article. “Any person over the age of eight living in this state many not wear seersucker suits because adults look ridiculous in seersucker suits.”

The bill itself, meanwhile, defines “the way the state funds public institutions of higher education,” Esquire reported.

Mr. McKenna ultimately withdrew his amendment.

“It probably wasn’t germane to the bill,” he admitted, as Esquire reported, adding that “it was all in jest, anyway.”

Mr. McKenna’s hatred of seersucker runs deep. It’s also fueled by a consortium of colleagues who show legislative solidarity by wearing the material, Esquire reported. The senator said he felt bullied by their materialistic displays and driven to introduce the ban, the outlet reported.



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