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It’s unclear if the president will heed the news service.

“One wonders if Obama will ever utter the phrase ‘illegal immigrants’ again,” muses Mr. Ostermeier.

The phrase itself is not new.Harry Truman was the first president to make a public reference to illegal immigrants, doing so 11 times in a July 1951 “special message” to Congress. Ronald Reagan used the phrase once in a 1981 policy speech. George H.W. Bush never used the term, Bill Clinton employed it 84 times. Then there is George W. Bush, who referenced “illegal immigrants” 157 times, the research says.


“One great boxer standing up for another.”

So says Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a tweet Wednesday, regarding boxer Mike Tyson s new petition calling on President Obama to posthumously pardon black heavyweight boxing champion, John Arthur “Jack” Johnson, convicted in 1913 under the Mann Act, which prohibited taking women across state lines for “immoral purposes.”Mr. Reid, plus Sens. John McCain, Arizona Republican, and William M. Cowan, Massachusetts Democrat, in addition to Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican, already have introduced a resolution before Congress, also seeking a pardon. The conviction, the lawmakers say, was both wrongful and “racially motivated.”


• 85 percent of federal managers expect more “budget pressure” in the next year.

• 73 percent believe their budgets will be even lower by 2015.

• 62 percent are currently reporting “personal experience” with tighter budgets.

• 58 percent say budget cuts have a “significant” impact on their agency’s mission performance.

• 12 percent say the cuts are “devastating.”

• 55 percent say they have stopped hiring, 51 percent say they have cut or reduced services.

Source: A MeriTalk survey of 200 federal managers conducted Dec. 1 to 31 and released Wednesday.

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