- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Disgraced former Democratic New York Rep. Anthony Weiner said he’s a solid businessman with a family income that’s in the $500,000 range – and that he’s worth a lot more.

“I make far less money than I should,” said the shamed pol who quit Congress after tweeting photos of his private parts.

He made the claim in a recent New York Times profile, when he disclosed his family pay – his and his wife’s, Huma Abedin – was $496,000 last year.

Mr. Weiner has been trying to rehabilitate his image in hopes of relaunching his political career by granting interviews to the New York Times and returning to Twitter to champion middle class ideals. 

Still, his private sector consulting income has been alluring.

Mr. Weiner said “with all the advice that I’ve given and how lucrative it’s turned out to be for the companies,” the near-$500,000 is a lowball value.

Mr. Weiner suggested he should be charging more for his services, calling himself “a good capitalist,” in the Times piece.

The back pat is curious, given a statement he made in 2008 that came across as much more populist in tone. Then, Mr. Weiner decried the rich-poor gap.

“When the gap grows so far between those at the top and everyone else, we lose this very American sense of that aspiration that keeps us moving forward,” he said then, Breitbart reported.




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