MSNBC anchors rail against Ted Cruz for GOP ‘squishes’ comment

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MSNBC hosts Alex Wagner and Chris Matthews decided to get a few digs in at Texas Sen. Ted Cruz this afternoon before moving on to Obama’s press conference, criticizing the Republican’s recent comments about his fellow congressmen acting like “squishes.”

“The fact that Ted Cruz came out yesterday and called those people, those people in his own party who supported gun safety reform ‘squishes,’ that’s a testament that they’re a little more worried about this than they have been,” Ms. Wagner speculated.

“I mean, usually it’s case closed,” she continued. “I saw Joe Manchin this weekend, and he seemed as bullish as ever that he was going to get something done. I mean, I think that is a sign that the conversation has shifted and the opinion has shifted enough to make the NRA scared.”

Matthews chimed in, adding that the senator’s lingo reminds him of a 1950s high-schooler.

“Sometimes I think that Ted Cruz uses the language of about 50 years ago. These terms he comes up with,” Matthews chuckled, “they sound like the McCarthy period and now ‘squishes’ sounds like high school, about 1958.”

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