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Wichita State’s run to the Final Four has started up discussions about underdogs.

Well, if you’re going to talk about underdogs, might as well start with the Villanova team that shocked college basketball by knocking off powerful Georgetown in the 1985 title game.

AP Sports Writer Dan Gelston recently caught up with one of those Wildcats, 7-foot-1 center Chuck Everson, and here’s what he had to say about the Shockers:

“Any time you get an 8 or 9 seed, there are comparisons to us,” said Everson, who works as a liaison for Sunoco on Long Island. “They kind of came out of nowhere, too. They weren’t ranked just like we weren’t ranked. Nobody knew who they were until the Final Four. I’m sure they ruined a bunch of brackets just like we did back then.”

Of course, even a player from one of college basketball’s most famous underdogs is a realist.

Wichita State has to play Louisville, the NCAA tournament’s top-seeded team and a group that has rallied around fallen teammate Kevin Ware.

“I think they’re going to run into a juggernaut,” Everson said. “After what happened the other day to that kid Ware, I think Louisville’s on a mission right now. I don’t know how I like their chances against Louisville. But you never know, as I can attest to firsthand.”

In case you’ve forgotten about the upset _ or weren’t even born then _ here’s the finish:



Everybody is talking about Kevin Ware, and Facebook has the stats to prove it, according to AP National Writer and hoops expert Nancy Armour.

Mentions of the Louisville guard on Facebook skyrocketed 3.7 million percent (you need a NASA calculator to figure that, right?) after he broke his lower right leg in gruesome fashion during Sunday’s Midwest Regional final against Duke.

That made him _ not Trey Burke, not Seth Curry, not one of the players from Dunk City _ the most talked about player for all of March Madness, according to Facebook statistics (

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