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No surprise, Duke-Louisville also got the most mentions of any game on Facebook.

No word on whether Ware gets a trophy for being the MTP.

That’s OK, though,

Louisville coach Rick Pitino already let him hang onto the Midwest Regional one, and Ware will be with the Cardinals in Atlanta as they look for another.



Contrary to popular belief, next year’s NCAA Final Four isn’t going to be played in Big D.

Close, but not quite, according to AP Sports Writer Stephen Hawkins.

When North Texas hosts college basketball’s national semifinals and championship game next April, the games will be played in Cowboys Stadium. But the home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys is in Arlington _ a city of about 375,000 residents situated between Dallas and Fort Worth, and even west of Dallas County.

The South Regional championship was played at the massive stadium last weekend and Michigan coach John Beilein had just one complaint about the setup after the Wolverines earned their first Final Four trip in 20 years.

“Maybe it’s that time of year. Everybody was sweating. I think they ought to look at that,” he said. “I’m sure they have a thermostat somewhere here.”

Maybe they could just crack open the huge glass doors at either end of the ultramodern stadium. Guess opening the retractable roof would be out of the question.

But, hey, they’re playing college games on the decks of aircraft carriers these days, so you never know.



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