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Mr. Daisher trained for the jump but got no dress rehearsal at the hotel site. Instead, he got a few good luck hugs and cheers before taking an elevator to the top floor. It was up to him to make it down safely.

Arms outstretched, Mr. Daisher leaped, and more than 100 necks craned upward as they watched his rapid descent. Legs bent, Mr. Daisher swung out to the center of the atrium as the parachute unfurled.

He gave a few tugs on the parachute strings to center himself, and he glided out across the lobby, over trees and tables, and barreled through one of the hotel’s fountains, which had been turned on especially for the stunt. Mr. Daisher landed with a hop and skip, but on both feet, ready to embrace his friends and family.

His first words when he landed: “That was pretty simple.”