- The Washington Times - Thursday, April 4, 2013


When Maryland elected officials announced something needed to be done about gun violence, I had hopes that we would see real solutions. I have since abandoned all hope.

The governor’s “gun safety bill” had amendments to enhance penalties and remove “good time credit” voted down. Actually, the amendment was approved, then the Democratic leadership strong-armed delegates into re-voting and defeating it. Further, an amendment to allow off-duty police officers to carry their firearms on school grounds was voted down. My sister went to a private school that depended on this practice for after-school events. Both of these amendments are common-sense amendments that reduce all forms of violence.

I noticed also how Gov. Martin O’Malley fought to keep mental health reform to a minimum. There is no new funding, no new ways to get help if you need it. I can see now that the governor’s bill is nothing more than an attempt to destroy Second Amendment rights. Mr. O’Malley shows no energy, no effort and no desire to do anything about the mentally ill or the revolving-door prison system that creates so many of our problems (more than 70 percent of gun criminals are repeat offenders, let out early). Eighty-eight percent of Maryland residents in a recent Susquehanna Poll favor enhanced penalties. I hope they will remember this in 2014.


Towson, Md.



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