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He’s also stymied by the difference in a track weekend schedule between NASCAR and IndyCar.

In NASCAR, especially the Sprint Cup Series, the teams get considerable track time all weekend to prepare for the race. IndyCar had just 105 minutes of practice over two sessions Friday and another 30 minutes on Saturday morning before qualifying.

“It surprised me when I saw the schedule just how little time that you get once you get here,” he said. “It’s so funny, on the Cup side of it, you have a set day of it. Friday you work on qualifying. Saturday you work on race setup and Sunday you go race. Here, obviously you are working on speed, but there isn’t a lot of time to work on race setup. So I think it is just the process of going through the weekend, figuring out how the weekend goes and how we use our tires, what we are working on.

“So far, I felt like the first day was good.”