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Kozyra said he, Murdock and his law partners showed the video to Pernetti, his lawyer and two of Pernetti’s subordinates in an hour-long meeting in November. Kozyra said the 40-minute DVD they aired was edited down from hundreds of hours of tape. Kozyra said the meeting was in the same room where the school, days before, announced it was moving to the Big Ten.

Murdock’s lawsuit accuses the university of six counts of wrongdoing, including breach of contract and a hostile work environment. The lawsuit did not specify damages.

Kozyra would not comment on reports that Murdock was willing to settle with the university for $950,000. He said Murdock didn’t file the lawsuit for money.

Mr. Murdock acted without any motivation for money when he brought this to them in 2012,” Kozyra said.

A report by John Lacey, a lawyer hired by Rutgers last year to investigate Murdock’s complaints, concluded that Rice sometimes behaved inappropriately, but that many of the video clips were taken out of out of context and did not create a hostile work environment or constitute harassment or bullying.

Lacey’s report was also critical of Murdock, finding that Rice had not actually fired him and that he had not given evidence to support the claims that he and others had paid players in violation of NCAA rules.


Associated Press writer Geoff Mulvihill contributed to this report from New Brunswick.


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