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“It was a U.S. Open-kind of year there,” Johnson said. “It was really windy and really firm and fast. The ball released in the fairways. I putted pretty well. I haven’t putted well there the last four or five years.”

“We had a lot better chance (in 2007),” Green said. “Pars were at a premium that week.”

In 2007, Johnson used superb iron play to make 11 birdies on the par-5s, never going for one of those greens in two shots.

Since then, Green said, “Guys can reach the par-5s with shorter clubs now, and it’s still hard for us to reach par-5s. We have to play kind of a different strategy.”

Green believes his man can “absolutely” win a second Masters.

“We play it (Augusta National) every year,” Green said. “We know that course like the back of our hand now. When we go to these other majors, we’re having to learn all the nuances and everything every year. I think he’s more confident when he goes there, sure.”

Johnson credits his success to a team that “trusts in me and that I trust. They support me on and off the golf course.”

That team consists of Green, instructor Mike Bender, sports psychologist Morris Pickens, trainer Chris Noss and physical therapist Dr. Troy Van Biezen.

“I’m a product of hard work. I’ve been blessed to play this game with minimal injuries and blessed to have a great team of individuals,” Johnson said.