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There are dozens of great stories that might unfold this week on an Augusta course described by players Sunday as as lush as it’s ever been. Dozens of them would make great and worthy champions. Dozens of them are worth rooting for.

The story that can lift the game of golf the most, however, is Woods ending his major drought and donning a fifth green jacket.

And he seems poised to do it. The Tiger “aura” that so many players were claiming was gone is back. Players look at the leaderboard again to see where he is and adjust their games accordingly.

“When you’re standing on the first tee with Tiger Woods Sunday this year at the Masters, you know damned well you have to play one of your best rounds ever to win this tournament today because he’s going to play well,” Strange said. “And that in itself is intimidating.”

Woods’ demeanor was anything but intimidating Sunday. He started his practice round with a hug from August National member Condoleezza Rice. When the day was over, he didn’t stop to do interviews as he walked under the oak tree and into the clubhouse, but he laughed and joked casually with friends and media members.

He had the look of casual confidence that bodes well for what could be the most important week of his “comeback.”

For golf’s sake, Woods’ winning again could take care of everything.