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Father Shaffer is also very proud that his students have not “gone on the offensive” but have been praying for their priest and the students who are petitioning GW, according to Mr. Crawford.

The priest has not commented on the controversy and was unavailable to comment to The Times.

“He doesn’t like to be the face of things,” Mr. Crawford said. He also said most people he has talked to, even friends who “despise the church,” have said Father Shaffer should not be removed because he upholds Catholic doctrine.

On the blog, one international student wrote about being “enraged” when Father Shaffer defended traditional Catholic teachings on abortions in a Mass, so he wrote the priest an angry email expressing his disagreement.

“I was expecting a defensive reaction, but instead he thanked me, he thanked me for opening myself and expressing my thoughts. Instead of arguing back, he just loved me and understood my anger and pain,” said
the student, who said he was from South America.

The student went on to say the priest took an hour every week to talk to the student. The student said while they still do not support many church teachings, they will “always stand with Father Greg.”