- The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 9, 2013


As a fellow New Jersey native, I thoroughly enjoyed Rich Valdes’ honest and unvarnished observation of the current gun control debate (“The A-list on Americanism: Gun reform or people reform?” Web, Wednesday).

Mr. Valdes highlights the fact that support for gun control legislation has seen a decline in the polls. Since the passage of our Constitution, our country has seen minimal civic problems problems that have plagued other countries with more history and less diversity. Presidential transitions in this country have gone without threats of military coups, riots or a complete breakdown of our society. Regarding the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School, I believe our country has sincerely mourned and recognized the terrible incident’s severity. Moreover, while our country has reflected on what happened, it has not let the singular event define our evolution.

I believe that the events transpiring and the final question Mr. Valdes poses of “Who do you agree with most. Most importantly, why?” reflect the state of our country. We are a country that refuses to be bullied by grandstanding politicians exploiting these tragedies to push agendas, a country that will take time to deliberate on how to develop a more perfect union while fixing problems and preserving our rights. Mr. Valdes’ reflections speak volumes to the tenacity of the American spirit and commitment to our values and one another.


Bayonne, N.J.



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