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A similar outreach plan will be offered for Hispanic voters. It remains to be seen how much of the RNC’s resources will go into engaging black voters, whose desertion of the party of Lincoln seems almost total now.

Primary fights

Appealing to minority voters is not the only item on the week’s agenda.

RNC conservatives were also angered over the “autopsy’s” suggestions that the RNC permit the awarding of presidential nomination candidates only by primaries, a move that would have placed a greater burden on insurgent candidates such as Texas Rep. Ron Paul to compete in the Republican presidential race.

Mr. Priebus has named conservative constitutional attorney Jim Bopp as special counsel to work with RNC General Counsel John Ryder on ways to restore rules for nominating presidential candidates and to preserve the states’ rights to set the dates of their presidential nominating contests and other party functions that favor the grassroots activists over the party’s leadership.

Some states select delegates to the GOP presidential nominating convention via caucuses or state conventions where conservative hopefuls with more limited campaign resources stand a better chance than in an expensive statewide primary contest.