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Mathieu said his teammates are telling him to just do his job.

“For the most part everybody’s just telling me to play my role (and) everything’s going to come to me,” he said. “Don’t get caught up in the media and all the hype that’s going on right now, just go out there and keep doing what you’re doing.”

When Arizona drafted Mathieu in the third round, it was considered a big risk for the team. From the start, he said, the Cardinals fans showed their support.

Asked what they’ve said to him, Mathieu said, “`Good luck’, `I hope you stay clean,’ `I hope you stay healthy,` `I hope you come here and make plays like you did at LSU.’”

That support has only grown through the first few weeks of training camp, not only locally but around the country.

“I think a lot of people kind of jumped back on the bandwagon, so to say,” he said, “on twitter, everywhere, everybody’s starting to root for me again, which is definitely encouraging.”



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