- - Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Even by the standards of Washington, this is one sick, twisted and deceitful deal. Quite possibly, it is a whole new low, even for the federal government.

Had we innocent, taxpaying citizens not long ago lost our capacity to be outraged by the disgraceful manner in which this place operates, we would already be in all-out political revolt. Against President Obama. Against Democrats in Congress. And, especially, Republicans.

Literally, revolutionary wars have been fought over less.

Last week, while many Americans spent hard-saved money on long-overdue vacations, the snakes and weasels inside the federal bureaucracy schemed until they hatched an evil plan. It would feather their own nests with more of your money, protect themselves from the ravages of the laws they foist upon us, desecrate our Constitution and then smear us with insult so putrid it would make a roadside vulture gag.

All the legal, constitutional and parliamentary maneuvering is enough to confuse Albert Einstein, but here is the bottom line: Congress and staff managed to get themselves exempted from the single, most-punishing aspect of Obamacare.

Yes, you should be sharpening the tines of your pitchforks.

Back when the president and his henchmen rammed Obamacare through Congress, Republicans inserted a key provision requiring that whatever Frankenstein healthcare boondoggle got yoked upon the hardworking American people would also be yoked around the necks of every congressman and staffer on Capitol Hill. Mr. Obama, being the slick fellow that he is, made sure it did not apply to him or anybody working for him in the White House.

The noble idea was that if they were seizing control of our titanic — yet still largely functioning — health care system and started ramming into every passing iceberg, then, by God, they were not going to get to be first in line for the life boats. No, they were going to go down with the ship.

If Obamacare was good enough for the American people, it should be good enough for Congress.

Well, that was before the bill passed, when they still needed to get it through. Now, it simply will not do.

It turns out that the health care packages currently provided to Congress and their staff are so generous and the squalor that will be caused by Obamacare is so terrible that the health care law simply cannot be applied to such precious people.

The thought is so terrifying that staffers from both parties in both chambers of Congress declared they would quit if forced to endure Obamacare. To those of us paying the bills around here, this sounded like a great idea.

But the federal bureaucracy blanched in terror. There would be a mass exodus of “talent,” they shrieked. There will be a “brain drain!”

After all, without these people, who would come up with all these fantastic new laws like, say, Obamacare?

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