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I mean, if it was “talent” and “brains” that got us into this mess, maybe it’s time to try something else. Like letting them all quit. Or exempting all Americans from Obamacare.

Instead, after personal pleas made directly to Mr. Obama, his administration quietly ruled last week in the dead of August that Congress and staff would be exempted.

Now they will dispute this and say that, indeed, they are being forced out of their cushy government health insurance plans and into the Obamacare health exchanges. This much is true. But there is a dirty, dirty secret. You are still paying for their insurance.

If a regular citizen makes $100,000 a year working for a private company and loses his insurance because of Obamacare, he must pay out of his pocket for the insurance he will be forced to purchase from the exchanges.

However, if you are a sainted congressional staffer earning $100,000 a year and enter the exchanges, guess who picks up the tab for your new insurance plan? That’s right, your employer, the federal government, the lowly taxpayer.

In other words, under Obamacare, the only people forced into the exchanges whose insurance will still be paid for by their employer will be members of Congress and their staff.

Not only is this sneaky, self-dealing and cynical, it is a dishonest bait-and-switch. And once again, we lowly taxpayers are the suckers who get stuck with the bill, get chained down by their terrible laws and laughed at all the way to the hospital.

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