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“Elysium’s” distributor, Sony, is already reeling from the colossal failures of two other big-budget blockbusters this summer, “After Earth” and “White House Down.” With the looming box office bust of “Elysium,” the studio is left with little but some flickering hopes for some timely foreign aid. 

“International is going to be the big, big win on this film for us,” said Sony distribution chief Rory Bruer, citing the drawing power of Mr. Damon and his co-star, Jodie Foster. 

And perhaps in a world where Jodie Foster is a global box office star and Greenpeace activists like to unwind by watching bad guys get maimed and exploded … perhaps in that world “Elysium” will be the big, big, rilly big international win Sony needs.

But back here on planet Earth? If you believe “Elysium” can salvage Sony’s nightmare summer, you’ll believe that “Elysium” isn’t a message movie.