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Does this sound like al Qaeda is “on the run”?

Mr. Obama assumed the presidency with a foolish laundry list of failed liberal ideas, thinking he could revive the American economy if he spent enough money on a 1930s-style agenda of public-works projects and other federal spending programs. The result was about $6 trillion in higher debt that didn’t restore the economy and unemployment to prerecession levels. In the fifth year of his failed presidency, hiring is still “sluggish” and the recovery is still “tepid,” to quote the latest newspaper headlines.

Congress is in no mood to spend more money on his shell-game economics that would only throw good money after bad. It’s clear that his latest big-spending proposals are going nowhere for the rest of his presidency.

Mr. Obama seems to know this, but won’t admit it in public. Last month, he meekly proposed linking new tax reforms to more spending on his jobs programs. Republican leaders rejected his proposal out of hand.

Now he’s become a speech president, delivering “major” addresses around the country, but with no really new ideas or proposals to restore our country to its former greatness.

America is in decline. Confidence in our once-powerful economy is eroding. Americans are dispirited and unhappy about our country’s course. We have lost our way.

A new direction awaits a future president with a vision of a newly ascendant, wealth-creating America.

Donald Lambro is a syndicated columnist and contributor to The Washington Times.