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Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, said U.S. aid to Egypt funds “dictators and despots.”

“When they see an American tank on the street, when someone is shot down or rolled over by a tank that was purchased with American money, do you think that buys any friendship with the Egyptian people?” Mr. Paul said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Basically, foreign aid to Egypt is more likely to buy a lavish chateau for a dictator or general in Paris than it is to buy bread for people in Cairo.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Democrat, took an intermediate position on “Fox News Sunday” in favor of placing more strings on foreign aid to Egypt.

“Looking forward, I think that the approach has to be to condition our future aid on specific steps toward the rule of law and return to democracy,” Mr. Blumenthal said.

Rep. Peter T. King, New York Republican, said the best chance of achieving a stable government in Egypt lies with supporting the military.

“I’d be reluctant to be cutting off aid,” Mr. King said on “Fox News Sunday.” “Obviously, we should use it as a bargaining wedge, we should lean on the military to the extent we can, but I would not want to undercut them and allow the Muslim Brotherhood to come back because they’ve shown they’re not capable of democracy.”

He added, “The fact is there’s no good guys there.”