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We presume to tell the world how to behave, to criticize Egypt for not obeying the rule of law — all legitimate concerns. Yet the president blithely ignores our own law. If we choose to ignore our own laws, can we with a straight face preach to the world about the rule of law? If we pick and choose which laws to obey, what message does that send?

I say to all Americans — Democrats, independents and Republicans — enough is enough. We aren’t going to take it anymore. My amendment gave everyone a chance to put their money where their mouths are, to answer the question: Do you care about America? Do you care about repairing American infrastructure? Or do you care more about sending money to a dictatorship in Egypt?

I think the choice is clear, and the American people agree. We should not send money overseas to people who hate us, to people who burn our flag. It is time to prioritize. There is a finite amount of money, and we can’t fund everything.

My amendment would have addressed some of the needs we have here at home, as opposed to violating the law and sending American taxpayer dollars to Egypt.

Sen. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican, is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations and Homeland Security committees.