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Does it have special meaning?

Sort of.

“My friend gave it to me, so I thought rather than just put it in the (rubbish) bin, I’ll put in on the golf bag,” she said.

How about the Yankees hat? Big fan of America’s iconic sports franchise?

No, she said, it’s just something she picked up in England.

“I wear this hat because it’s more comfortable on my head than the other hats. I don’t even know what the (NY) symbol means.”

Hull is already known for her plain speaking. Recently she said it’s “silly” for some golf courses to have male-members-only policies, adding, “We are all equals and should be treated as such.”

Hull’s father, David, said she got some of that from him.

“I’ve always brought her up to tell the truth and be honest,” he said. “I think that’s what people should do in life. Say what you see.”

David said he could tell early his daughter was wired for golf.

“When she was 4, she just picked it up. She was so gifted. A natural, the way she could hit a golf ball,” he said. “I could show you a video of her swing when she was seven. Her swing was pretty similar (to what it is now).

“She could use her hands. (The club) seemed to be a part of her. It was strange.”

It wasn’t in the genes, he added.

“I didn’t start playing golf till I was 45. It doesn’t come from me.”

He said his daughter practices 6 hours a day, and she thrives on the challenge.

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