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According to the indictment, Person A then went to one of the doctors in the ring who referred Person A to a list of psychiatrists that included other doctors in the ring. They, in turn, submitted medical reports justifying a disability finding.

Social Security Regional Commissioner Beatrice Disman said they will review 6,600 disability applications where the medical diagnosis came from one of the doctors charged with fraud in this case.

She said tainted medical evaluations will be tossed and the applications will be re-evaluated. Applicants will be able to submit new evidence. If the beneficiaries are deemed to have not been eligible, they will be required to repay the government.

The government said it is collecting $1.7 million in forfeited money and other valuables from Mr. Crespo for his involvement, while the 71 claimants who were arrested face more than $2.1 million in forfeitures.

Fraud has been a problem for the disability program.

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform sent a letter this year warning of the spike in approved disability claims in Puerto Rico from 2006 to 2010.

Several years ago, Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, challenged the disability diagnosis of a man living as an “adult baby” — complete with adult-sized one-piece sleeper and highchair — after the man, Stanley Thornton Jr., appeared on a television reality show showing off his carpentry and Web development skills. Mr. Coburn said he appeared to be capable of work and asked for a review of the case.

Mr. Thornton was cleared of disability fraud in 2011.