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Online commenters have expressed confusion about the “official” rallies.

The National Action Network characterizes its National Action to Realize the Dream March on Saturday as among the “official schedule of events being hosted by the King Family [and] four of the remaining organizations who executed the 1963 March.”

While providing a link on its website to the event at which Mr. Obama will speak, the National Action Network points out that the Wednesday morning march is being hosted by a private citizen and “is not part of the official events.”

Mr. White said he began work last year to obtain his permits for Wednesday’s march, which is expected to be far smaller than the Saturday event. He said it was “only natural for there to be a number of organizations commemorating this great event at different venues at different times.”

Mr. White provides information about the event at which Mr. Obama will speak on his website,, and encourages people to attend both marches if possible.

Former New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial, CEO of the National Urban League, said Wednesday’s events are a commemoration of what happened in 1963, but Saturday’s event was the most important part of the week.

“It focuses on people in the spirit of 1963, showing up in large numbers and a mass protest utilizing the right to peaceably assemble around important issues,” he said. “There’s a practical side of this. The actual commemorative event is on Wednesday, but in order to make mass mobilization, it had to be on a weekend. Not everybody can take off and travel.”