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The governor has been dogged in recent months by news that Jonnie R. Williams Sr., CEO of nutritional-supplement company Star Scientific Inc., plied the first family with gifts and loans.

More recently, news broke that first lady Maureen McDonnell bought thousands of shares of stock in the company as she was promoting one of its products, apparently without the knowledge of the governor.

Mr. McDonnell has said he and his family have returned all “tangible” gifts, which include $15,000 for catering at a daughter’s wedding, a $10,000 engagement present for another, and an engraved $6,500 Rolex watch Mrs. McDonnell said Mr. Williams bought for her to give to her husband.

The governor has also repaid more than $120,000 in loans Mr. Williams gave to Mrs. McDonnell and a real estate corporation owned by Mr. McDonnell and his sister.

The governor has insisted that neither Mr. Williams nor his company received any special treatment from the state.

Prosecutors currently are weighing whether to bring criminal charges in the case, but Mr. McDonnell said this week that he will not be leaving office early.

“I’m going to be governor of Virginia for another 4 months,” he said.