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Testimony also revealed how one of the foreigners, Neil Heywood, demanded more money by threatening the safety of Mr. Bo’s son and to expose the family. Gu later killed him and received a suspended death sentence for the murder.

The court also heard evidence over the weekend about the events surrounding the attempted U.S. defection bid by Mr. Wang, the police chief, in February 2012, an incident that blew the scandal into the open. Mr. Wang said he fled to the consulate fearing for his safety after he told Mr. Bo that the politician’s wife had murdered a British associate.

Mr. Bo told the court that he reacted angrily to MR. Wang’s report, slapping him in the face and smashing a cup in fury because he initially thought Mr. Wang was framing his wife for the crime.

“I thought he was being duplicitous. I have zero tolerance for duplicity,” Mr. Bo said. “I slapped him in the face.”

Mr. Wang, who testified Saturday, said the violent confrontation with Mr. Bo, his subsequent removal as police chief and the disappearance of his subordinates who were investigating the murder spurred him to flee to American officials. He said Mr. Bo did not slap him as much as punch him hard, causing his mouth to bleed.

“It was dangerous at the time,” Mr. Wang told the court. “I was subject to violence, and my staff working closely with me and those working on the case disappeared.”

Mr. Wang said he believed Mr. Bo had ordered an investigation into the police officers involved in the murder case to try to shield his wife — which Mr. Bo denied.