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“We don’t worry about him,” Cabrera insisted. “We focus on what we can do here in Detroit.”

Cabrera and Davis haven’t been in touch since the All-Star game, when Detroit’s third baseman had some meaningful words of advice for Davis, who was in the midst of a career year.

“One of the things he told me was, ‘Don’t let the talking heads get to you,’” Davis said. “Down the stretch everybody is going to compare us and say that this guy is doing this or this guy is doing that. But the biggest thing is to go out there and continue to play. He said, ‘You’re having a great year. You have something to be proud of. It’s not whether you finish with better numbers than I do, because you’ve still had a great year.’ I really appreciated that.”

Davis won’t measure his success in 2013 by the numbers of home runs he hits. He’s more focused on the numbers in the victory column for Baltimore.

Chris is a huge team guy,” Wieters said. “He’s about winning more than anything. We’re all rooting for him because of that, because he cares more about us winning than any kind of home run title. Everybody in this clubhouse is rooting for him to keep going because, one, it’s going to help us win and two, because he deserves it.”

Said Davis: “There’s going to be a different home run king every year. Somebody is going to come along and break somebody else’s record. For me, the individual awards are nice, but at the end of the day, I play for the ultimate team award. To say that you were part of a winning team, or even a championship team, is something that nobody can ever take away from you. That’s how I feel about it.”