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His next NFL completion will be his first. On the bright side, he was not intercepted.

Yet somehow, despite extremely limited experience and not playing in the NFL at all for three seasons, has White developed enough to earn a roster spot? Maybe on some teams he’d be a fit at No. 3 QB. Not on this one.

You can make a case that the Redskins don’t even need a third quarterback. Why not use that roster spot somewhere else? If Grossman is so valuable for his pseudo-coaching, take away his uniform and make him a real coach. The Redskins may yet go that route, but it doesn’t seem likely.

White will play Thursday when the Redskins thankfully conclude the preseason with a game at Tampa Bay. Assuming Griffin gets the final clearance on his reconstructed right knee and Cousins‘ foot heals as expected, they will slide into their regular roles for the season opener. Grossman and White will be done, one of them with playing and one of them with the team.

And with that, we’ve been sucked into this senseless preseason debate. The real season cannot get here soon enough.