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These concerns deserve serious discussion. But instead, the left has kicked out in knee-jerk fashion to ridicule Mr. Woodson and others for telling the truth.

Those who profit from being labeled black leaders don’t want to let go. Their rhetoric often attempts to manage their community rather than to reflect it. They give short shrift to the enormous problems of violence, drugs and out-of-wedlock births.

Those “leaders” are seriously out of sync on voter ID, which polls show is supported strongly by blacks.

Blacks were some of the most solid supporters of traditional marriage when California voted on Proposition 8. That may be why the NAACP did not risk having a vote of its members to endorse same-sex marriage. Instead, it was the board of directors that approved that stance in May.

The NAACP resolution not only endorsed same-sex marriage but also promoted special rights for “LGBT citizens.” The transgender community just got a California law passed allowing public school students to ignore biology and decide for themselves whether to “be” a boy or a girl on any particular day. They can use the restroom of their choice and shower in whichever locker room they wish. Addressing privacy concerns, the Los Angeles Times editorialized, “Discomfort is not a valid reason to allow discrimination.”

Do most blacks realize how the NAACP endorses the transgender rights movement? Do their ministers know? The NAACP already has problems with claims that it is pro-abortion, while Gallup’s polling shows most blacks are pro-life.

This disparity is why the Coalition of African-American Pastors exists. Its leader, Mr. Owens, unloaded not only on the NAACP but also on Mr. Obama, who infamously abandoned his 2008 campaign position that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

As Mr. Owens said, “Instead of Obama looking at the challenges facing the African-American community, he not only endorses but he promotes, he preaches same-sex. He preaches it and reaches out to other countries and wants them to do the same. He has become the evangelist for the homosexual community.”

Ernest Istook is a former Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Oklahoma.