Bashar Assad’s son, 11, taunts U.S. on Facebook: report

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A Facebook posting purportedly from Syrian President Bashar Assad’s son, age 11, takes pot-shots at America, taunting the White House to strike and denigrating the U.S. military.

“I just want them to attack sooo much, because I want them to make this huge attack of beginning something that they don’t know the end of it,” the boy, Hafez al-Assad, is alleged to have posted, Fox News reported.

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The New York Times said it’s impossible to confirm if the boy actually posted the statement. But, Fox News said, several family members of senior Syrian government officials — children and grandchildren of top Assad aides — hit the “like” button, or otherwise acknowledged the post.

The post also said: U.S. soldiers are “cowards” who claim to be liberators. And it went on, speaking about America’s military: “Maybe they are stronger, maybe they will destroy the army, but they will never destroy these remnants and little bits of resistance, it’s who we are, we are born to fight and resist, we will fight them everywhere until they get out if they came in in the first place, no matter how much hard they try to get us out of our holy land they will never succeed.”


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