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Ted Nugent’s wife arrested at airport with gun in bag

- The Washington Times - Friday, August 30, 2013

Ted Nugent's wife was arrested on Thursday after security officers at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport found a gun in her carry-on bag.

The conservative rock-star's attorney, David Finn, said Shemane Ann Nugent just forgot to remove the weapon.

It was all "an honest mistake," he said, explaining that Mrs. Nugent does have a license to carry a concealed weapon, The Blaze reported. The law allows for guns in checked bags but not carry-ons.

But she was taken into custody, nonetheless.

DFW Airport Department of Public Safety spokesman David Magana told the Dallas Morning News that her case is "working its way through our system of legal approval."

Meanwhile, the Dallas Morning News said discoveries of guns in carry-on bags at DFW is fairly common. Between January and July, security officials found 57 guns in bags at the airport.


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