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Up to four fans can also band together to control their shelled heroes with an online, drop-in and drop-out, co-operative mode in the campaign. An offline co-op scenario exists for the arcade mode and is very satisfying to play with friends.

As far as the turtles in action, I liked the slick-looking, oddly lifelike (to the point of creepy) character models of the turtles but, sadly, the game’s title says it all.

Often stuck fighting in shadowy and dingy locations such as back alleys, sewers and underground train lines, it’s hard to really appreciate the visual beauty of the fellows at work.

My other complaints are some painfully difficult boss battles, and often wandering around arenas, wasting time, to try and trigger my next mission objective.

Still, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows and its reasonable price will keep fans on the cusp of teendom happy but won’t inspire more seasoned gamers to yell “Cowabunga.”