- The Washington Times - Monday, August 5, 2013

Less than a 10-minute walk from New York’s trendy-chic SoHo neighborhood is the Sun Bright Hotel in lower Manhattan — where men pay $10 a night to live in 7-by-5 chicken-wire cages.

Similar to an animal shelter, men willing to shell out a couple bucks to get off the streets for a night can rent the filthy kennels, smaller than the standard 8-by-10 solitary-confinement cell, the New York Post reported.

According to the report, only men are allowed on the third and fourth floors, “the hotel’s most hellish.” The building is infested with roaches and bedbugs and the hot hallways smell of urine.

“They keep all the garbage all on this floor,” said John Arkue, a disabled construction worker who has lived at Sun Bright for 15 years. “Sometimes the garbage sits here. Like on a Saturday, we don’t put the garbage out.”

More than 100 men on Mr. Arkue’s floor share one bathroom with two showers, four toilets and one urinal, the Post reported.

David Rodriguez, 74, pays $310 a month to live at the hotel. 

“Somebody died on the other side, and he was there about 15 days,” he told The Post. “They left it dirty. It smelled very bad — a dead man!”

Sun Bright has 22 open violations by the city Department of Buildings, nearly all issued in 2011, “for converting the second and fifth floors into a hostel and for installing laundry equipment on the second floor,” the Post reported.



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