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Shortly after Rambo broke up the pass intended for Morgan on Tuesday, Amerson intercepted one near the other sideline. He positioned himself in front of the receiver, and at 6-foot-1, quarterback Rex Grossman had no chance to get the ball over him.

Amerson often played about eight yards off the line of scrimmage at N.C. State so he could try to read the quarterback and jump routes to intercept passes. During training camp, he has been playing more press coverage, which should suit him considering his length.

Will all the rookies’ work be evident in live action? The Redskins are eager to find out.

“These guys have kind of got accustomed to our receivers, so this will let us know, kind of game situations, what it’s going to be like week in and week out with a different set of receivers,” Hall said. “So I can’t wait to see these guys in the game to actually see how they communicate, how they play, how they hit, how they take getting beat, how they take making a play and just bouncing back and just keeping it going.”