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“That song gets stuck in your head all day. They are kind of just going around signing the song every once a while.”

Cornerback Aaron Ross had just viewed the video and thought it was funny.

“That’s classic Eli,” Ross said. “He surprises you all the time, so it’s classic Eli, Easy E.”

Ross even admitted singing the tune walking into the locker room Wednesday.

“What is it? Get down on your phone?”

Well, it had something to do with a phone.

The good news for Jay Z and 50 Cent is that Eli isn’t looking for another gig.

“No. I think I will stay with my day job and keep playing football for long as possible,” he said. “A one and done. A one-hit wonder probably.”

With the Denver Broncos scheduled to play a preseason game at San Francisco on Thursday, Peyton Manning was not available for comment on Wednesday.

Broncos executive vice president John Elway saw the video and enjoyed the Manning’s performance.

“Great video,” said Elway, who will pay Peyton Manning $17.5 million to guide Denver’s offense this season. “But I will tell him today to stick to his day job.”