- The Washington Times - Thursday, August 8, 2013


What good does it do to teach the stories of Daniel and the lions’ den, John the Baptist, Samson, and David and Goliath, etc., if we are not going to apply those stories to the practical, day-to-day events we are experiencing now?

What good does it do to preach expository messages on the Bible if one does not make those messages relevant to the times and circumstances in which we live? Yet ear tickling, entertainment and irrelevant exposition seem to be what the modern church in America excels in. The result: ineffective, impotent, weak, unprepared and sheepish Christians.

I know there are many churches and Christian ministries that are doing admirable work. We need homeless shelters, food banks, pregnancy resource centers, addiction ministries, etc. And we most definitely need pastors and churches to preach the Gospel of Christ. We need missionary outreach, but we also need pastors and churches to teach the biblical natural law principles of liberty and to prepare their congregations to guard and defend our freedom.


Mechanicsville, Va.



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