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When the Nationals brought Johnson on in 2011, it was with the idea that he would have a hand in picking his successor. The manner in which the Nationals‘ season ends, and what his relationship is with the organization at that time, will likely decide whether that is indeed the case.

If he is, he perhaps provided a glimpse into who his choice would be a few weeks ago.

“Somebody asked me, ‘What is the criteria for a big league manager?’” Johnson said. “I said, ‘Ideal is to manage in your system so you know the talent in the system. That’s the criteria.’ Some guys who were coaches who never managed took offense to what I said. But I was talking about the ideal guy.”

Rizzo will have at least six more weeks to ponder his candidates a bit more before beginning the interview process before he tips his hand on who he thinks the ideal candidate is. Eventually, we’ll see how his criteria align with Johnson‘s.