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Autocam Corp., a Kentwood, Mich.-based company that lost a preliminary request for an injunction and is hoping to succeed on the case’s merits this summer, is “being forced to comply with the mandate because the fines will destroy their business and they are unwilling to subject their employees to risk of financial ruin if stripped of health coverage,” attorney Jason C. Miller said.

While legal battles stew in the upper Midwest, federal appellate judges in other parts of the country have come down on either side of the issue.

Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby scored a legal victory in mid-July, when the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals granted a preliminary injunction that protects the crafts store chain until its case is decided on its merits. But the majority of the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals diverged from that view days later when it offered no relief to Conestoga Wood Specialties.