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That’s where Brady has been something of a mentor, albeit in meetings and film sessions more so than on the field. Because Brady recognizes Tebow is no threat to him, he can be totally accommodating with words of wisdom.

“I think for the most part it could be a read here and there, but it’s also just watching him, seeing how he handles himself, how he operates this offense and how he runs it. There’s a lot that I can pick up from him,” Tebow says.

Still, they have little in common, which is magnified on the field. Tebow is a left-hander, Brady a righty. Those southpaw tosses tend to sail in many directions, although Tebow has thrown more pinpoint passes this preseason than he did in his entire stay with the Jets.

Brady’s practice throws nearly always are on the money.

Although Tebow was a mammoth success in college ball, he’s just trying to hang on in the NFL in his fourth pro season. Brady won his second of three Super Bowl rings in his fourth NFL season.

There is one link that is obvious to everyone — teammates, coaches, fans, media.

Their diligence.

“He works hard at everything he does,” Brady says of Tebow. “He has a very professional approach and wants to improve.”

Adds Tebow: “He’s someone that’s great to be around because he’s been one of the best for a long time, and he’s still doing extra. He’s still working hard. He still has that edge and that’s awesome to be able to see.”

Tebow says he and Brady spent plenty of time together in meetings and talk about non-football matters, too. McDaniels is certain that Tebow is filling those conversations with questions.

“I think Tim probably picks everybody’s brain,” McDaniels said. “I’m not sure exactly the volume of questions that he asks per day, but I’m sure Tom probably puts a strict limit on that.”