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“I know how the system used to work. It used to be that over the course of a 14- to 30-day period you would see a range of perspectives, of agencies and independent photographers, who are allowed to have photo ops and time with the president. Now, you see a pipeline of [photos from] Pete Souza, one person. That in and of itself does not respect the great diversity of voices and options that need to be included,” Mr. Irby said.

The practical ramifications are that Americans simply may not get the same full and accurate picture of an important White House meeting or other event.

“If photographers are no longer in the room, there’s a lot of information and spontaneity the public won’t be aware of. Whether it’s the look on the face of a world leader in response to a comment by President Obama … that is information of value to the American people and we cannot afford to give them short shrift,” Mr. Paulson said.