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One woman, 28, who got an abortion at 21 weeks, told the researchers, “I couldn’t afford it.”

“They told me it was going to be $650, [but] by the time I was able to raise the $650, they had to do a different procedure, and so the price went up. The price jumped to $1,850 … and they don’t take insurance,” the Kentucky woman said.

When these findings are pieced together, “[b]ans on abortions after 20 weeks will disproportionately affect young women and women with limited financial resources,” Ms. Foster and Ms. Kimport concluded.

Pro-life leader Charmaine Yoest said Tuesday that “the known health-risks of abortion to women, especially later in pregnancy, are motivating legislators across the country to protect women and girls from a dangerous procedure.”

“In late-term abortion procedures, we are also confronted with the humanity of a living child, 5 months or more, who is poised to draw his or her first breath,” said Mrs. Yoest, president and chief executive of Americans United for Life. “Common-sense limits on abortion protect women and unborn children around the world, and should be enacted here at home,” she said.

A Gallup poll taken last December found that Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of late-term abortions: Some 64 percent of 1,000 adults said second-trimester abortions should be illegal, while 80 percent said third-trimester abortions should be outlawed.

In November, however, voters in Albuquerque, N.M., rejected a proposal that would have blocked abortions after 20 weeks from being performed in the city.

The vote targeted Southwestern Women’s Options, an clinic that performs late-term abortions, and became a national issue as major pro-choice and pro-life organizations sought to educate the public about the issue. Had the measure passed, it “would have had far-reaching national implications and set an alarming precedent,” Eleanor Smeal, president of Feminist Majority Foundation, told supporters.

Live Action, the pro-life activist group led by Lila Rose, sought to highlight the financial aspects of the procedure.

In an audio-taped conversation with an employee at the Albuquerque clinic, a Live Action woman asked about getting an abortion at 25-weeks gestation. The fee would be $8,000, the counselor said, adding that for “every week that goes by, the fee goes up by another thousand dollars.”