- The Washington Times - Monday, December 16, 2013

Eight men dressed in Santa suits for a “Santacon” event in downtown New York City started brawling, throwing punches and rolling on the snow — as video cameras rolled and bystanders rushed to upload the scene on YouTube.

Police said they’re investigating the incident, but it’s not clear why the Santas came to fisticuffs, The New York Post reported. But alcohol could be a factor.

The “Santacon” event is an annual affair in the city that draws thousands. The main gist of the celebration: Costumed-clad Santas flood the streets of Manhattan, to ring in the holiday season, spread the cheer — and barhop, The New York Post reported.

Police arrested at least 10 during this year’s event. At least one Santa was taken to the hospital for treatment of neck injury that stemmed from a bar fight and a broken glass.



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