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55 percent say the health insurance start-up problems are a sign of “broader problems”; 36 percent say it is an “isolated incident.”

48 percent trust Republicans in Congress to find the “right balance” between cutting and spending in the federal government; 40 percent trust President Obama.

46 percent trust Mr. Obama to “protect the middle class”; 40 percent trust Republicans in Congress.

45 percent trust the Republicans to handle the economy; 41 percent trust Mr. Obama.

44 percent say the GOP has “better ideas” about the size and scope of federal government”; 43 percent say Mr. Obama has better ideas.

42 percent trust Mr. Obama to implement the Affordable Care Act; 37 percent trust Republicans.

41 percent trust Mr. Obama to cope with the “main problems” of the nation; 41 percent trust Republicans.

Source: A Washington Post/ABC News poll of 1,055 U.S. adults conducted Dec. 12-15.

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