- The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kodak may have coined the phrase, “You press the button, we do the rest,” in 1888. But Google has taken the technology to a new level, with a new picture-taking means that requires users only to wink their eyes.

The “wink of the eye” feature on Google Glass will snap photos faster than even voice-activated cameras, the company vowed, in Time magazine. Company spokesmen say the winking technology for cameras is just a drop in the bucket of uses.

“Imagine a day where you’re riding in the back of a cab, and you just wink at the meter to pay,” said the company, in one of its blog postings, Time reported.

Juniper Research analysts say wearable technology — like Google Glass — is the wave of the future, projected to jump from $1.4 billion in 2013 to between $19 billion and $50 billion by 2018.



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