- The Washington Times - Wednesday, December 18, 2013

NASA is fighting hard to get back in the space game, launching a massive drive to develop new technology that will remind politicians America should take the lead in galaxy exploration — not China and not Iran.

The agency is showcasing its Robonaut program, a technological advance that is aimed at helping scientists on the space station, Design News reported. And NASA officials are trying to develop a 3D printer that’s capable of constructing items and facilities on the moon and on other planets, the media outlet reported.

In a recent tour for select members of the media, actual NASA program leaders — rather than public relations spokesmen — showcased new equipment that could launch the agency back into the human space travel game within three years, Design News reported. And that space travel could include trips to Mars, the program leaders claimed.

Among the other new developments: A dune-buggy vehicle that holds potential to be “the perfect car for a new city” in space, Design News reported. And numerous notable technological devices — less clumsy, less bulky than past items — that were aimed at improving and supporting maneuverability on the moon and other planets.

Chief among the messages that NASA officials wanted to send: All these technological wonders could be ready for take-off within three years of receiving the thumbs-up from politicians and Capitol Hill funders, Design News said.

The agency suggested it was making the push because of new advancements made by China and Iran. The Chinese just landed a rover on the moon, while the Iranians claimed to have sent a monkey — for the second time — into space.



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