- - Thursday, December 19, 2013


I am a 13-year-old reader who recently read “D.C.-area deer herds must be culled” (Letters, Dec. 9). I agree that the deer population needs to be cut down, but I also think it isn’t fair to the deer to just kill them. I think the matter needs a new perspective.

The people of the city might get frightened or otherwise affected by the killing of the deer. The animals might be annoying, but I think that more people would rather safely move the deer to a new location than have them killed. It is good for the deer to get to know people.

Perhaps we could consider just moving the deer to a place where deer are scarce. Some places have too many natural deer predators to the point that these predators are competing for food. We could trap some of the deer and some of the natural predators in a different part of the country and switch the populations to keep everything in balance.

The solution that calls for killing some of the deer to bring the population down to a reasonable number will backfire because the deer will just reproduce. Later on you will have the same problem; namely, too many deer.

We shouldn’t pass this problem on to our children and grandchildren. We should take care of it now.

Orting, Wash.



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