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“Sixty-nine percent of Japanese regard the U.S. favorably compared with only 5 percent who have a positive view of China,” he adds. “In South Korea, 78 percent have a favorable view of the U.S. compared with 46 percent who regard China positively.”


“Thanks to Obamacare’s complicated scheme of subsidies and tax breaks, even after an hour of shopping I don’t really know what I’m buying or how much it’s going to cost me,” declares Stephen Green, a Colorado-based political columnist for PJ Media who dutifully sat down to navigate over the weekend following the site’s major overhaul.

“I can’t really know. There’s another one of those notices alerting me that ‘All health plans and stand-alone dental plans may not be available at this time, due to technical issues. We’ll update this information as soon as it’s available.’ Well, I’m certainly not going to buy anything today based on that, I can tell you,” Mr. Green continues.

He had intended to find out if the Obamacare sign-up site was as problematic as it has been portrayed. Answer: it is.

“There is no more information to be gleaned. My insurance options remain a riddle, wrapped in a subsidy, smothered in regulations.” Mr. Green concludes.


Let us all remember that a reported $684 million in taxpayers’ funds has been spent to promote Obamacare in recent months.

“Americans younger than 30, a key group targeted by the Affordable Care Act, continue to be the least familiar with it,” says Frank Newport, director of the Gallup poll, upon revealing that 37 percent of those younger than 30 don’t know much about Obamacare.

Ironically enough, Democrats are in second place, with 34 percent indicating they’re also unfamiliar with the health care reform law.

That figure is 12 percent, incidentally, among Republicans.

“Those who are familiar with the health care law are significantly more likely to oppose it than those who are not familiar with it,” Mr. Newport observes.


Well, this could be what the doctor ordered. Or maybe not.

The White House plans a “White House Youth Summit” on Wednesday, to be attended by “young people from around the country” who can ask “senior White House officials” questions about health care reform and anything else on their minds. There is much social media involved, centered upon #WHYouth

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