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“I spent 9½ weeks with Robert going over his Baylor tapes,” Shea said. “He would take me through his progressions and what he was asked to do, and it was very impressive. It is not an easy offense. The quarterback is asked to do a lot at Baylor. They have a very solid and well-designed offense.

“The quarterback had to go through a decision-making process,” Shea said. “You had to see the coverage and make a decision based on coverage recognition. He brought a thorough understanding of all that.”

Shea, like many others, thinks that SuperBob, coming back from reconstructive knee surgery, is not 100 percent.

“His injury may be keeping him a little off-balance when it comes to mechanics,” he said. “And he has especially been getting bounced around a bit this year. The NFL season is a long journey, and it takes its toll by the 12th game. You’re not the same quarterback.”

Shea offered his former student this advice: “What I tried to share with Robert most recently is that the NFL has all kinds of quarterbacks who can spin the ball and make plays, but the most prepared are the ones who separate themselves. If he continues to prepare himself, it will show up on the field.”

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