- - Sunday, December 22, 2013


We are cutting benefits to wounded warriors and military retirees — but not aid to illegal aliens (“Military benefits glitch clouds Senate passage of budget deal,” Web, Dec. 18). I think some of Congress’ priorities are misplaced.

More and more, our veterans seem to be seeing the whittling away of the benefits they were promised for their service. Why shouldn’t politicians target this relatively small group of people? Those in uniform cannot walk out in protest; doing so would mean a court martial. We spouses are encouraged not to speak up, as doing so could hurt our partner’s chances at promotion. Thus, the military is an easy great group to target.

Sadly, legislators are missing the areas in the budget where we could save money. If you are going to cut the Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA), then cut it across the board: Everyone with a federal COLA gets a reduction. Now that would be a savings. I’ve been a federal employee, and those COLA bumps are nice. However, when we cannot afford to take care of those who protect our great nation, then we are heading down a dangerous path.

Athens, Ohio



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